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Volvo Penta Control Unit

This is the Logic Control Unit for the alarm module that sits behind the control panel.

Volvo Penta Part No: 22354203
Previous Part Number 873737

For Volvo Penta Diesel engines: 2001,2002, 2003, 2003T, 2003TB, MD2010, MD2020, MD2030, MD2040, KAD32, KAD42, KAD43, KAD44, AD31, AQAD31, TMD31, TAMD31, D1-13, D1-20, D1-30, D2-40, D2-55, D2-75, D2-50F, D2-60F, D5A, D12, MD22, TMD22, TAMD22, TMD61, TAMD61, TAMD63, TAMD71, TAMD72, TAMD74, TAMD103, TAMD122, TAMD162, TAMD163, TAMD165, TAMD102, TMD121, TAMD121,

Volvo Penta Control Unit Part Number 22354203 £300.00
Volvo Penta Control Unit, Part Number 22354203
Postage £1.00
Total £301.00

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