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Volvo Penta Diesel fuel filter element for 877766, Part Number 3581078

A fuel filter element for the fuel and water separator, part number 877766. The Volvo Penta fuel water separator is installed between the fuel tank and the engine. The lower part of the filter has a bowl which shows whether water or other impurities are present in the fuel. There is a bottom drain plug to drain out any water or other contamination present. It is therefore easy to detect whether or not water or other impurities have accumulated.

A spare filter should always be carried on board in case diesel bug or some other blockage occurs. You should also carry a spare impeller with a new gasket.

Volvo Penta Part No: 3581078

For: Filter element for 877766

Volvo Penta Diesel Fuel Filter Element for 877767 Part Number 3581078 £9.36
Volvo Penta Diesel fuel filter insert element for 877766
Postage £4.00
Total £13.36

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