FAQ FYB Marine

Yes, Falmouth Yacht Brokers Ltd or FYB Marine are Volvo Penta Business Partners and part of the Volvo Penta Truck and Bus division of Volvo Group. As a business, Volvo Group has no connection with car manufacture, but everything to do with Volvo Penta Marine, Industrial, Commercial applications and Trucks. Volvo Penta is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and construction equipment. We have also been main agents for Mariner, Mercruiser and Mercury Verdo outboards for 20 years.
We try to help with any issues, but props are a speciality of ours. If you have lost a propeller, need a Volvo Penta or Mercruiser or Mariner propeller, then we can help. Go to the home page and then scroll down to propellers and see the info that would help us to size a propeller If you don't have that info, then it's time to call us on (+44) 01326 370060.
Saildrives are designed to run a left handed propeller. Volvo Penta fixed Saildrive props are available in left hand rotation only. Folding propellers are available in both left and right handed rotation. Looking at a propeller from astern, a right handed propeller rotates clockwise. If the boat is in the water, another way to tell, is that a right handed propeller will kick a yacht to port when in reverse.
Absolutely yes they are all genuine parts. FYB are main dealers for Volvo Penta, Mariner and Mercruiser. We only sell genuine OEM parts and offer a 2 year manufacturers guarantee on Volvo Penta if we fit them. We also sell parts by mail order via our sister site: FYBMARINE.SHOP
You may see a sign in a marina or on a website advertising independant Volvo Penta Specialist. So whats the difference?. Volvo dealers spend time and money every day investing in the training and development of the dealership and its employees. Training is a core task for any dealer. Independant specialists are not part of any Volvo Penta training program and often use non genuine parts which may prove a risk to life, to you or your family. Independant means just that, they have no connection to the Volvo Group nor access to the training and knowledge base, necessary to carry out work on any Volvo Penta product.
Yes we do. Our web shop only allows UK delivery addresses, but we will send parts abroad on UPS or TNT to any location using a competitive shipping rate. Please call us on 01326 370060 or Email us to discuss your urgent requirement. Orders outside the EU often are available VAT free.
We are open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm, but you can often find us open until 6.30- 7.00pm. On Saturdays, we try to stay open from 10am until 12.30pm. If we are closed, and you need help, then call our out of hours service on 07879 497 940.